How kittenBuy Gains an Extra Edge over Other Cattery businesses?

MyKitten believes to take the first step in protecting your furry friend. At our cattery, you will get Cat supplies and Kitten Accessories for your feline friend’s care.

At the time of buying and adopting a cat from us, you will get each of the below-mentioned products along with your new buddy.

Taking care of your kitty friend is all about pampering him/her with immense love. They are a pure bundle of joy who will help you relax and feel peace. Their mesmerising innocent eyes can make you fall in love with them over & over again.

With keeping this in mind, we provide the complete cat’s care package so that you don’t need to worry – Where and How to buy the complete care for your Furry Friend. We understand your every minute is precious and meant to be with them. With our complete package, you can easily enjoy your time with your lovely meow and be the hooman they need.


Buy our Care Package and Leave the Furries Worries all Behind

We offer all these recommended items in one care package for your new pet. Also, we customize the package according to your breed and need. If you already own a cat, still you can buy care package from us. Please contact us for the price and more details.


MyKitten Basic Starter Kit

MyKitten Premium Starter Kit


What you will get in our All Wonder Kitty/Cat Care Package?

Cat Shampoo

We use Beaphar Cat Macadamia shampoo for our adults which is a rich, premium shampoo formulated with deep conditioning for adult cats. This Cat Shampoo Best Cat Foodampoo contains macadamia oil that helps to bring life and condition to the dullest coat.

And, we use Pet Head Fears for Tears for our newborn kittens which is a tearless shampoo free from harsh chemicals specially designed for newborns to bath them without tears. Enriched with shea butter and safflower oil, it helps to restore suppleness and elasticity in coats, soothing and nourishing the skin whilst retaining moisture.

Best Cat Food

Each Kitty/Cat has its own unique personality and preference for food. We generally recommend giving a mixture of dry and wet food. During the first days of kitty, we strictly prefer them to provide nourishment from their cat moms only. Once they get into the age when they can have dry food, we recommend Whiskas which is available in many flavours; both for Kittens and Adult Cats.

Kitty’s Travel BasketBest Cat Food

Kittens generally get scared when you take them out for a journey. Once they start growing up, they get used too of the environment. Therefore, we recommend carrying your feline friend in a travel basket. The travel basket should be of adequate size and airy where your cat sits as well as sleep during a long journey. We have various sizes and colourful travel baskets which make your kitty fall in love with them for travelling.

Pet Towel

Hygiene is the most important thing to keep in mind while taking care of little cat babies. A clean pet towel ensures protection against any skin and hair infection. The towel should be high water-absorbing. In our Care Package, we use soft high water-absorbing towels only.

Metal Comb and Brush for Regular Grooming

Like hoomans, these little furry babies require daily/weekly grooming to stay neat and hygienic. The combs we provide in our package are made of metal brushes or have metal teeth that give them gentle massages and helps them to stay calm & relax.

Neck Name Tag

Your Kitty has its own identity and therefore, he/she deserves a nice neck name tag. Give them a nice name and take away adorable neckbands. Trust us, Kitties look super cute wearing funky neckbands.

Comfy Bed

Your feline friend needs lots of sleep during the early days. Ideally, cats’ babies need more than 14 hours of sleep in a day to have a healthy body. For healthy sleep, they need a comfortable and cosy bed. Coz comfy bed is a favourite sleeping spot for your furry pet apart from sharing the bed with you, of course! Or maybe your lap!

Cat Toys

Whether it’s a hooman baby or feline, toys are their favourite object to play with. Attractive laser light toys and Catnip toys can keep your feline friend busy all day long. We provide a set of toys in our Kitty Care Package to keep them busy and entertained.

Litter Tray

MyKitten’s cats are litter trained cats. Although, they may take 3-4 days to adjust to their new forever homes and litter boxes. Therefore, we use Odourlock litter sand from our cattery that helps them to adjust easily and use litter tray only. It really does work!

Scratching Pad

Cats are meant to scratch to clean and sharpen their nails. They are sassy beauties after all. We provide Scratching Pad in our Care Package to keep them busy and do their stuff.

Cat Accessories

You must have seen many social platforms videos where cats entertain with their cool moves and wear accessories to look awesome. You can train your feline friend the way to want and showcase their talent to near dear ones. In accessories, we provide Cat Glasses, fancy neckpieces, etc. to give them fancy appeal. Try them, you would love it.